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    Healthy Eating in Nambucca

    We designed our café to offer residents and visitors to Nambucca genuinely yummy and nutritious food. Our seasonal menu focuses on local produce and providers and we always offer organic, paleo, gluten and dairy free choices to suit your eating preferences.

    At the heart of every café is the coffee, and we have taken great care to ensure our coffee tastes just right, whether you order a mug of cappuccino or a short black. Of course, if you want to avoid caffeine we also have an impressive range of herbal teas, chais and turmeric lattes.

    Whether you live here or are just passing through, we invite you to stop in for a cuppa. Bring a friend or your laptop for company, or have a chat with our friendly staff. And of course, you are welcome to stay on for breakfast and lunch….and before you leave why not treat yourself to a delicious gluten and dairy free cocowhip.